Bears Don’t Share is a fun-filled, action-packed, outdoor adventure story thatfeatures a compelling competition between an iconic mountain man and
Reserve YOUR Copy Today!What does it mean to you to be more? More happiness, more peace, more confidence, or more
Bella is a 6 year old with a dream, but others think her dream will never come true because of
Divinity…. A collection of spiritual poetry by Monica Bhasin.Divinity relays the basic essence of all living beings…Love, kindness and compassion
Wild Blueberries is Maureen McNeil’s second short story collection. These new stories loop through time and space like earth and
Rachel, the heroine introduced in the "The Mysterious Animal Soup and Rachel's Gifts,” returns in this story of suspense taking
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Available December 2, 2022 a collection of poems, designed from a journey of anxiety, fear, grief, and seeking validation. nicolette elsie (she/hers)
Whether you live in London, long to visit, or wish to relive a past excursion, "London: Smoke, Blokes and Jokes
Preorder your copy hereAvailable November 7It is the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, 1911—a time for charity and wishes. Lily’s days
A Step-by-Step guide to reimagine, redefine, and rebuild a profitable business A collection of perspectives and advice from seasoned experts
 Janine takes us on a journey into the truth behind epilepsy. She writes poignantly about her 25-year cycle of suffering
Get your FREE copy of Fallen AngelWhen a priest in the Vatican’s Office of Exorcisms in New York noticed the
“Tales of the Sea–A Short Story Anthology” compiles the works of almost a dozen ocean-faring authors as they share both
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Tartaran, the planet of deadly secrets is being held by the Elysium Alliance. General Sinclair of Col Sec thinks it’s
The inspired writings from this book, have come from my faith in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Truth!