I had SUCH a wonderful evening speaking with the Long Island Authors’ Group about book marketing, I forgot to take
“Linda, what’s going on with your son’s health?” was the question I would hear from friends and family back in
Dorothy Parker once said “I hate writing, I love having written.” I’m sure many authors can completely agree with such
Wow - we had SUCH an enthusiastic crowd tonight at a Frank’s Steakhouse for the “Long Island Writers’ Club”, and
I am so delighted that author Dina Santorelli joined me for an episode of “The Author Corner”, to air on
It was a fabulous episode of “Between the Covers TV” with talented authors Mark Torres and Robert Bryan.
Ah, the $64,000 question - what is the best way to market your book? If only there were a magic
We filmed a great show at Between the Covers with authors Lisa Diaz Meyer, Linda Trott Dickman and Maryann McMahon.
I was delighted to have author Michael Vecchione of “Crooked Brooklyn” and “Behind the Murder Curtain” as a guest on
While you may feel as if you have been writing FOREVER, you may not actually be coming close to common,
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Before looking for an editor, it is best to figure out exactly what you are looking for, so that you
If you want to be successful - at writing a book or any other huge endeavor - your attitude and
When writer’s block sets in—and it will!—setting smaller goals (along with accompanying rewards) can help you to make progress in
A fun night on the set with author Carol Hoenig, filming my new shoe “The Author Corner”, which will debut
writers group
I enjoyed a great evening with the Long Island Breakfast Writers Group on July 24 - many exciting future authors
The world of publishing has changed dramatically in the past decades, with more and more options available to authors today
What if … you were told you won’t be accepted because you don’t sound like everyone else… you want more
There are many, many reasons to write a book, and making money from book sales is just one of them.
I was thrilled to be joined by guest author Maureen M. Reid to film an episode of “The Author Corner”, my new
I am often asked—either personally or rhetorically—what a publisher is looking for in a manuscript. While I certainly can’t speak