You are SO fortunate to live and write at a time when options abound for your book, and you get to pick and choose what you want and need-based upon your book goals, time constraints, and desire to ‘get your hands dirty’. In a nutshell, you can:

  • Print copies of your book, staple them together and hand them to friends and family members – great to keep down expenses, not so great if you want to hold a “real” book, have your book available for the wider world to read, or use your book to promote yourself, your business or organization.
  • Send a book proposal to agents and big-house publishing houses – unless you have a huge following and a built-in audience for your book, you may not even get a form-letter rejection.
  • Self-publish your book – the ultimate Do-It-Yourself project, which can be great fun for those comfortable with various apps, programs and file formats and who has 100+ hours to devote to cover design, editing, book formatting, layout, file conversions, distribution, promotion and the myriad of other decisions that will come your way. Realistically speaking, self-publication will generally cost between $200-$5000, depending upon the cost and use of editors, book cover designers, print layout professionals and distributors.
  • Publish with a small press publisher – like Red Penguin Books – where the angst and issues of publication will be taken care of for you, so you can focus upon things like who to invite to the launch party.

At Red Penguin Books we work with both new and established authors, and offer a variety of different publishing options and services, depending upon the needs of our authors. From traditional publishing for experienced authors with a following to services ranging from book development and coaching through editing, formatting and marketing your book.

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