Hope, kindness, faith, and the beauty of the human spirit. QUEST follows the true adventures of David Lange, a despondent New York teenager whose life changes forever after a “chance” meeting with a beautiful stranger during a summer trip to Spain, in 1982. Raised without religion and lacking self-confidence, he embarks upon an incredible quixotic journey to find and thank the woman who inspired hope within his heart. While his professional career as an Air Force officer takes him across the world and through combat in several war zones, an increasingly fantastic array of signs and portents, often verging on the miraculous, guide this would-be knight errant along a more spiritual pathway. Lange relies upon vivid descriptions from the pages of his diaries to bring to life the passion and enthusiasm of a man finding his way through the darkness and learning invaluable lessons about love, faith, gratitude, and hope. In a world that demands we follow the herd, the author strikes a forceful blow in the name of individuality and the power of forging one’s own path through life.


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