Three months ago I would not have even had thought, I would be part of the Red Penguin Books stable of authors.

I contacted Stephanie looking for marketing help on my first published book. Somehow someway she saw something in me. She didn’t have to talk to me and offer advice, but she did.
Then she invited me to be a guest speaker on her show “Between the Covers”. I wasn’t even one of her authors. This blew my away.
When things started falling apart with the publishing company I was with. I pulled my book from print and haulted any further business with them. I told Stephanie what all was going and she took me in under her flipper, pun intended.
If not for the careful guidance and friendship of Stephanie Sands Larkin and Red Penguin Books, My book would still be a mess.
Stephanie and her team have my gratitude and loyalty.
Kind regards
R. K. Mullins