It is often from the darkest moments of despair that wondrous gifts are born. Such is the case of Dr. Tamara Pelosi. Many years ago, her pastor told her that God was going to use her shameful experiences in a way she could never imagine.  At that time, she could not comprehend how someone as broken as she could help another. Unfortunately, it took a catastrophic and nationally publicized event for Tamara Pelosi to find the courage to lift the veil of illusion she hid behind.

The event that changed her life began on October 21, 2001. On that ill-fated day the body of a New York millionaire was found bludgeoned to death in his East Hampton country estate.  It was her husband who was eventually found guilty of the horrendous crime. Using her own experiences of a twenty- year dysfunctional marriage she developed a powerful recipe that can help you understand your lemons or negative behavior patterns and how you can uncover the healing ingredients necessary to develop positive attributes.

In this easy-to-read guide-book, Dr. Pelosi offers women the means to begin their own journey towards self-love and becoming the best version of themselves.   

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