An explosion on Toldax at the end of Ronin, the first Col Sec adventure, saw the destruction of an entire facility and the death of the rogue General Solon, Sinclair’s opposite number in the Alliance.

The clean-up of the site, sub-contracted out to MaxCorp make two startling discoveries.

Shortly after that, Kurt is attacked at home on Celeron by a group of men who look all alike. Easily surviving the attack it raises more questions than answers.

Are the discoveries on Toldax and his attack linked somehow?

It is the beginning of a scheme by an old enemy to lure Kurt back to his homeworld where he must face the truth of one of those discoveries.

In his struggle to face that truth, Kurt takes one more step closer to his enemy’s endgame, which is an attack on the teeth of Col Sec and the very heart of the Confederation.

To play this endgame to its inevitable conclusion, Kurt and the Wildfire Team must overcome their past or face the retribution of their enemy.