Today, many of the animals we love – and even some animals we don’t love – find themselves on the endangered species list as the clock ticks down on their remaining days on earth. In Africa, a very singular and special species of wild dogs is dying, and Professor Ravid is trying valiantly to save them, while sinister and greedy players conspire against him with other plans for the dogs.

Rony Kessler spins an alarming tale that combines fiction and the real damage done today to endangered animals. It should serve as a wake-up call to all of us to protect what we have before it’s too late. This book, a prequel to “The Mysterious Animal Soup, and Rachel’s Gifts” introduces Professor Gill, an assistant to Ravid, who unravels the mystery and gets knee deep in its solution.

What happens next?

Rachel, a young girl, survives a horrible crime and loses her voice, but not her determination to solve the tragedy that has befallen her family. Rony Kessler’s novel that occurs in both the US and the Middle East, is a riveting page turner, that pits Rachel a twelve-year-old, against a gang of thugs that attacked her family. “The Mysterious Animal Soup, and Rachel’s Gifts” follows the short prequel “The Professor and the Wild Dogs”

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