seasons to bloom: the author

do you believe our experiences guide us towards our purpose?

how would you honestly describe your journey? if you
had no strongly held view about the end result? if you
thought no one would ever come across it? if you
were free to create it based on the feelings in your

that’s exactly what author and poet,
nicolette.elsie did in her book seasons to

i always felt like i was here to do something different,
yet was held back by fear. the universe ushered in
moments of change that led me down a journey of
grief, inner healing, and soul growth. in 2020 my
routines and ways of thinking became heightened
and less manageable to control, but they had always
been there. i began writing as a way to express
myself through all i was experiencing. through these
changes my writing became my outlet, my discovery,
and my healing many different pieces of myself. it
spurred in me creativity i hadn’t embraced since i was
younger, and brought up part of me i spent years
pushing down to hide. it scared me when i decided to
share something so personal, but over time and
through a supportive family, i realized that part of the
reason i did not start my journey sooner was because
i didn’t fully know i needed to. it then made it an easy
decision to move past my fear and focus on the
desire to support and inspire one other person like
others have helped me.

this inspired nicolette’s purpose for
seasons to bloom

seasons to bloom is nicolette’s first collection of
poems curated from my experiences with anxiety,
fear, grief and seeking validation. she created this
book to heal, bring awareness, resonate, and inspire
those on their own journey.

seasons to bloom has allowed me to start
to heal, connect, and focus my impact.

i truly hope this book can be a supportive tool to
others on their journey. i know when others shared
with me, i felt less alone and was able to see a way
forward. we are all here with unique gifts to make an

impact in our own way. i am cheering you on as you
discover your own purpose.

i am proud to support and partner with American
Foundation for Suicide Prevention and
NeilsWheelsNY. Please check out their mission and
amazing work.

for more information about my book and purpose,
check out my podcast appearance and video

to currently purchase seasons to bloom, please email
me as we continue to develop our website.

wishing you all of the best on your destined path.