Did you ever wish to sell your books at fairs – whether they are holiday fairs, fall festivals, or street fairs – but didn’t want the expense and responsibility of doing it on your own?

Join us for upcoming fairs at a fraction of the price, and enjoy the opportunity to connect with readers personally, as well as other authors, and sell not only your books, but other materials as well.

Just $50 per day, and you can be present or have your merchandise sold in your absence – either way works!

Upcoming Opportunities

Long Island Film Festival – October 21-22

Morley Park Art Craft & Gift Vendor Fair – October 29-30

Eisenhower Park Christmas Gift Vendor Fair Field 8 – November 5-6 

Inside the Nassau Coliseum Holiday Vendor Gift Fair – December 12, 13, 15

In-person sales are especially suitable for authors who have more than one “product,” as each person you meet will have multiple opportunities to purchase from you.

These could include:

  • books with add-ons – whether you are adding a candle, toy, or a bottle of wine, add-ons and gift baskets are appealing for buyers – especially ging into the holiday season.
  • authors with additional offerings – including coaching/consulting, leading book talks, teaching, and other monetized activities.
  • multiple books – either in-series or in different genres – the more your are selling, the more success you can experience

We will take care of the table, display shelving, and even credit card purchasing if you like, and all you need to do is to supply your books, along with any other material (add-ons, book marks, etc.) you would like to include.

And if you would like to participate in a fair but cannot be there “in person” for some or all of the time, you can drop off your materials in advance.

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