You wrote the book – now onto the challenge of selling the book!

A book promotion consultation may be just the “kick in the pants” you need to energize your book marketing plan, help you to discover untapped markets, and help you to plot your future promotions.

Depending upon your publication goals and what areas of book marketing interest you most, our focus can be upon:

  • Amazon optimization – keywords and categories researched and selected for maximum exposure at the world’s largest bookstore
  • Online promotions – including email blasts, sales promotions, Kindle countdowns, Kindle Unlimited  and more
  • Book reviews – how (and why) to secure reviews for your book
  • Website and social media development – to connect with your audience
  • In-person book signings and events


A consultation can focus on the strategies you would like to incorporate in promoting your book. Rates are $150 per hour for Zoom/online, or in-person with a 2-hour minimum for $250. Book Promotion Consultation can be a one-time event to develop an action plan for the author to follow, or can be ongoing for more lengthy projects. If an author continues on to contract with Red Penguin Books for book promotional services (outlined below) the consultation fee will be waived. A “typical” book promotion strategy development session is outlined below but can be adapted to the author’s specific needs and book promotion goals.