Stephen’s father was in the Royal Air Force during all of his childhood and youth, moving every couple of years or so, so he was always the new kid in class at school. Later, when he established himself as a software engineer, he was most often the outsider because he was the foreigner (working in Switzerland as a Brit) or the freelance consultant called in to solve a problem or three.

He spent the majority of his career as a software engineer, where he wrote specifications, programs, and handbooks. When the financial problems of the early 2010s forced him to close down his software company in 2012, he moved back from Switzerland to the UK to look after his aging parents, who were also moving back, as he had been their de facto carer for some years.

He first became aware of science fiction over fifty years ago, turning into an instant fan and remaining one ever since. A few years later, he increased his range to include fantasy and horror, plus an interest in integrative psychology and the paranormal.

Since restarting his career as a software engineer in the UK proved difficult, due to his age (mid-fifties at the time), he decided to put his love of science fiction and fantasy, as well as his ability to write clear prose, to good use and began writing fiction. He has since completed six books, revised and edited them (four anthologies forming a single series, plus two versions of a science fiction novel). He is also working on another two novels, a further three anthologies, and a second self-help book (the first, he self-published in 2013).

His favourite genres include self-help, science fiction, space opera, fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, horror, fairy tales, fairy stories, noir, detective fiction, humour, YA, children’s stories (often more than one in any particular story!). Other works are presently in the planning stage. Over the last 8 years, he has written over 1,000,000 words.

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