It has been a FABULOUS 15 years since Red Penguin Web Solutions first incorporated as a web design company, and after 15 years and hundreds of web clients, Red Penguin’s reach has expanded into book publication and now, online learning.

In celebration of this milestone, we are publishing 7 books in 7 days, books demonstrating the breadth and depth of our Red Penguin authors.

We will also be releasing extra podcast episodes and livestreams this week, so be sure to check and to tune in.

And by the end of our celebration week, Red Penguin Classes will be launching with online courses in creative writing, book marketing and business books, with many more classes to come.

But we wouldn’t be celebrating today if it weren’t for our most valuable asset … our cherished clients! We can’t thank you enough for your trust and friendship over the years—it has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to serve you.

This year alone, Red Penguin is celebrating:

A book published each week in 2020

Four #1 Amazon “New Releases” this year

Book sizes ranging from short—but sweet—children’s books to 1600+ page law journals

Three book awards so far in 2020

Hundreds of hours of audiobooks and podcasts released

Dozens and dozens of churches streaming “live” religious services on our websites to anxious viewers during these difficult times

Over 150 authors promoted in 60 episodes of “Between the Covers TV”

Authors ranging in age from 20 to 92 years old

Red Penguin Books and our authors have been featured in Newsday, the Long Island Herald, WPIX News, the Queens Tribune, CNN, Women’s World Magazine, BOLD Magazine, and podcasts and local media too numerous to mention

Books published in digital, print and audio formats are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Kobo, Walmart, and bookstores throughout the world



Do you LOVE to read? Check out these great FREE books from some of our authors:

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Angel by Bernice Burgos


The Journey Begins by Maureen Reid

Shots With Mom and Dad by J.D. DiPalma

Bricks Brothers And A Breakaway by Margreit Maitland


Aha! Moments by Jim Ryan

365 Reasons to Celebrate by Stephanie Larkin

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