In this most recent edition of The Red Penguin Collection, join us as we embark on a spiritual journey that transcends the realm of the everyday. Within these pages, prepare yourself to be moved by the beautiful words that make up an anthology of poetry, prose, and prayers centered around the faith that we carry with us as we go about our lives. As we fall deeper into harmony with our inner beings, so must we read of the stories of others. “The Beauty Within” lies ahead.

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Featuring the following talented authors, playwrights and poets:



Review by Elaine Donadio

The cover of this book attracted my attention as I immediately noticed the contrast between the sterile foreground as compared with the lush, verdant background. Hmmm.  Browsing through the chapter headings I realized the symbolism. The beauty within us is often hidden by a cold, uncommunicative exterior, but go a little deeper, and the inner beauty reveals itself.  

This book is comprised of sixteen stories of spirituality, faith, and love, all written by different authors with a different slant on these themes. Don’t expect preachy, archaic, mundane dogma. Instead, appreciate life’s lessons portrayed in the real world.  

How does a brother show his love? What makes a hero? How can we help our loved ones transition to the next realm? Do we really overcome the loss of unborn children? How do we keep the faith when we are plagued by sickness? How do supportive people remind us of God’s love? Can yelling at God help us live a better life? How is hope the twin of faith? How can the Divine Wind give us hope? How do the cultural contrasts of New Orleans portray and strengthen love of God? Is the quest for Tao meant to be easy? Must the memory of lost love haunt us forever? How can past, present, and future transcend the physical realm? How are the Northern Lights a sign that no one is really ever gone? Does freedom mean escape or enlightenment?  

You’ll be pleased to discover short stories, poems and even a play by such talented authors as Linda Trott Dickman, William John Rostron, Dan Kerr, Jacqueline Bottenbley, Rolanda T. Pyle, Jenna Zeihen, Skye Ballantyne, Katherine Abraham, David Lange, Elaine Donadio, J.S. Mannino, Sage Holloway, Brianna White, and Alaina Messineo.