“The Crepe Jasmines” explores the lives of people on the edge of society, their dreams, and their desires. A poor brahmin man from a remote village in Odisha treads the world of rural India as his academic pursuits lead him through the greatly changing times of the 1970s and 80s. From the life of the son of a small farmer to the fast-paced, big city life of a college student, Partha Sarathi Panda comes face to face with the judgments of his religion, his economic status, and, eventually, of the society at large.

“Partha’s story is one of resilience, of hope, and of the quest for love and the human experience that we can all find solace in. Bravo to Suvendu Tripathy for this feat of a debut!”

“Following each of this boy’s family members as they navigate the complexities of the caste system is really a great introduction to how the various roles in society are affected by Indian culture; a truly beautiful story.”

“‘The Crepe Jasmines’ spoke to me at the very core of my being. Love, loss, and the chance at a new life will always stand the test of time as invaluable ingredients to the perfect novel.”


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