After years of living on the run with her demon father, Maggie has finally been reunited with her mother, Angel. However, their family reunion hasn’t been all joyful. They are still being pursued by Lucifer’s band of dangerous demons, who are working relentlessly at getting their claws on Maggie’s powerful demonic magic. As if that wasn’t enough, Maggie has been struggling to assimilate into her new home. It’s not easy living under the rules of a mother she hardly knows anymore and her ancient Vampire husband. She feels trapped, as if her new life is suffocating her inner being. Deep down she tries to listen to her angelic conscience and adhere to what is morally right. But with every passing day, the allure of her devilish side becomes harder and harder to ignore. Maggie knows that it feels sooo good to be sooo bad.

The Prince of the Underworld has sent Lucifer’s Eyes in search of the half breed. But what he’s really after will come as a surprise to all.

Trust, morals, and familial bonds are tested during Maggie and Lucifer’s riveting tale. It leaves one to ponder, can a demon be divided?