If You’re Looking for a Springtime Poetry Collection that invites your Soul to Blossom alongside the Blooming Flowers then Look no Further!

Finding ways to step out into nature nowadays is not quite as simple as it used to be. But, as the seasons begin to change, and new life starts to sprout after a long hibernation, we can rest assured that “the flower shop on the corner” will soon be in full bloom.

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Featuring the works of the following poets:

Justin C. Balk

Linda Boerstler

Linda M. Crate

Julie Creasey

Michael Jerome Cunningham

Subhrasankar Das

Linda Trott Dickman

Aleathia Drehmer

Laura Ferries

Daniel J. Flore III

Jack M. Freedman

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Sharon A. Harmon

Mark Andrew Heathcote

Amanda Hurley

Jane Killingbeck

Freida Kilmari

Michael P. Kusen

Brandy Lane

Carolyn Martin

Alaina Messineo

Arik Mitra

Amanda Montoni

Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss

Colleen Moyne


Linda Neal Reising

Vaughn Roste

Janet Maika’i Rudolph

Kathryn Sadakierski

Rebekah Soumakis

Benedetto Varotta

Susanne Wagner

Scott Wiggerman

Meredith Wilshere

Xu (Susie) Zhu
So, are you ready to step outside and smell the roses?

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