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The Gospel of the Baptist is an exciting novel involving the adventures of two professors of Ancient Hebrew and their students searching to support their theory that the entire trial and crucifixion of Jesus is simply a legend, thus invalidating the entire basis for Christianity.  Their theory is based on the precept that the trial of Jesus before Herod could not possibly have taken place in three days.  The Gospel of the Baptist provides a detailed analysis of the prophecies of the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament combined with a collection of theories based in research regarding the life of John the Baptist prior to his appearance in the New Testament and his imprisonment by Herod. 

The Gospel of the Baptist is an educational, spiritual, historical, theoretical, and thought-provoking story for anyone interested in the foundations of Judaism, Christian beliefs, and historical fiction.  The story follows the professors as they deal with the Jewish Defense League, corrupt officials, and waning student interest as their archaeological discoveries prove to be anti-climactic.  However, things begin to move quickly when they discover and translate the actual text of “The Gospel of the Baptist,” written in Hebrew by John the Baptist himself.  Reading this Gospel will be a page-turning enlightenment for any reader.

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