Mac’s perfect world falls apart when Angie breaks their engagement in a crowded restaurant and runs, leaving him sputtering over his plate of linguini. But an enchanted antique fountain pen possessed by a 100-year-old ghost becomes Mac’s ally by magically writing love letters to help him win back Angie’s heart. A ghost with a hidden agenda.

To make matters worse, Angie’s Italian grandfather is kicked out of his retirement home and moves in with her family. The pasta really hits the fan when Gramps hatches a scheme to reunite the couple enlisting Angie’s sister, Marie, and a neighbor’s ornery pet, Tiny—a small dog with a big attitude—that Gramps bribes into submission with enough pepperoni to give The Pope agida.

Just as the letters begin to work their magic, Angie’s childhood nemesis, Bianca Lombardi, pounces on their break-up as her opportunity for revenge, and makes a move on Mac. And Gramp’s plan would’ve worked if Angie didn’t see Bianca with her arms wrapped around Mac like a starving anaconda.

Now it’s up to Marie, Gramps and Tiny to clean up the mess he’s made while Mac and the meddling ghost write love letters to Angie.