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Born over a century ago in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Alexander Sullivan knew hardship having survived poverty, physical abuse and the Spanish flu pandemic. Above all he knew the power of love. In The Love Letter Ghost, Alex reaches through the ages to expresses that primal emotion the only way his unearthly form is able, by channeling his spirit through a fountain pen he once owned in 1908. Now in the hands of New York novelist, Conrad “Mac” MacConnell, the enchanted pen becomes Mac’s ally enabling him to write heart wrenching love letters to his fiancée, Angela Russo, after she breaks their engagement. Problem is they’re inexplicably written in flowing calligraphy and poetic language of the early 1900s by a ghost who insists on sticking his nebulous nose in Mac’s love life—a ghost with a hidden agenda.

To complicate matters further, Angie’s Italian grandfather gets kicked out of his retirement home for propositioning the female residents and moves in with the Russo family. The pasta hits the fan when Gramps hatches a scheme to reunite the couple enlisting Angie’s sister, Marie, and a neighbor’s ornery pet, Tiny—a small dog with a big attitude—that Gramps bribes into submission with enough pepperoni to give The Pope agida.

Just as Mac’s letters begin to work their magic, Angie’s childhood nemesis, Bianca Lombardi, heiress to the Lombardi crime family fortune, pounces on their break-up as the opportunity she’s been waiting for and makes a move on Mac. Gramps’ plan would’ve worked if Angie didn’t catch Bianca with her arms wrapped around Mac like a starving anaconda. Now it’s up to Marie and Gramps to clean up the mess he’s made while Mac and the meddling ghost write love letters to Angie.