From The Red Penguin Collection comes a Poetry Collection for the Soul of the Sea within us all…

the ocean waves is a poetry anthology that celebrates the relationships we form with the bodies of water around us. As the ocean is pushed and pulled by the sun and moon, we too are moved by the words we share with each other. I hope that this collection calls you, as it has called me, towards a deeper, more meaningful communion with the world that we are so blessed to share.
Featuring pieces from the following poets:

Let’s hear from some of our wonderful readers:

“This anthology is both exceptionally engaging and spiritually fulfilling – every poem has its place, and the collective sense of connection with the water is one with which anyone could find themselves resonating deeply.”

Robert M. Ruggeri
“Following their last poetry collection “the flower shop on the corner”, this new title is sure to be The Red Penguin Collection’s best one yet, featuring some of the most captivating and celebrated poets of our time. Bravo!”

Lewis Cowen, MD
“The number of titles keeps growing just like “the ocean waves” keeps pulling me in! Congratulations to all of the wonderful writers who made this book such a meaningful read.”

Gweneth Patrickson
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