The Red Penguin Collection

We are thrilled to introduce The Red Penguin Collection – a program for new and emerging authors – along with established authors – to publish their work in short form. Each collection is an anthology that will focus on a different theme or genre, ranging from mystery and romance to coming of age and social changes. Interested authors will submit up to 5,000 words of short stories, essays or excerpts. If Red Penguin accepts the submission for the limited spots in each Collection, the submission will be published and promoted through Red Penguin Books.

For details and submissions, please CLICK HERE.

Our upcoming publications for The Red Penguin Collection are:


Sci-Fi Stories of the Future

Submission Deadline: September 15

It is all too easy to look back on the science fiction stories of the last century and question how far we have come. “Weren’t our cars supposed to be driving themselves by now? Why can’t my cell phone produce a holographic girlfriend for me? How is it that we can still be dealing with the same global health crises we did so many years ago when we are living in the future?” We can contemplate these questions and many more for hours, or instead we can use this opportunity to escape our current world and dive into the pages of our dreams and recreate the stories of wonder that we are so accustomed to reading.

    What Lies Beyond is the second anthology to be a part of the new Red Penguin division The Red Penguin Collection. We are looking for submission of up to 5000 words, all within the scope of the science fiction genre, to include in this book. If you like to tell stories of aliens, holograms, or galaxies far, far, away, this is the place for you!

A Trip For The Books


Submission Deadline: September 30

    In a time when the world feels as though it has been paused, we could all benefit from a return to when leaving the house was easier to look ahead toward. 

A Trip For The Books, the third book in our new publishing project, The Red Penguin Collection, aims to compile essays, short stories, and other works that pertain to travel and what it means to venture forth from the homes in which we have found ourselves limited.

In a submission of up to 5000 words, you can send in your selection that speaks of your vacations around the globe, your thoughts and practices regarding such journeys, or even a fictionalized telling of someone else’s travels. The page is your oyster0

I Can’t Find My Flashlight

Contemporary Campfire Stories

Submission Deadline: October 15

It was a cold, dark night and the young boy’s flashlight was nowhere to be found. The camping trip had been everything he had hoped for; that is, until the sun had set, stranding him in the unfamiliar woods that he had hoped would be the setting of his next great summer adventure. With no light, no parents, and no way to call for help, all the boy could do was wait out the night and hope that his nightmares would not claim him as their next victim.

Sound familiar? The tradition of storytelling is one that has taken many forms, one of the most notable being that of the campfire horror story. In this Halloween inspired edition of The Red Penguin Collection, we are looking for submissions, 5,000 words or less, of your best thriller, horror, or otherwise campsite-like story. Remember a spooky short from your childhood trips into the woods? Perhaps a nightmare that you would like to share with the world? This is your chance!

Future Titles/Genres and Submission Dates

I Can’t Find My Flashlight – Horror Short Stories 10/15

The Moments – Creative Non-fiction/Memoir – 10/31

The Beauty Within – Stories of Spirituality, Faith, and Love – Non-fiction – 11/15

Tis The Seasons – Poems to Lift Your Holiday Spirits – Poetry – 11/30

We Made It! – Essays Reflecting On The New Year – Essays/Non-fiction – 12/15

It’s The End of The World As We Know It – Apocalypse Short Stories – 12/31

Feeding The Flock – Recipes from the Red Penguin Family – Recipes w/stories – 1/15