The Red Penguin Collection

We are thrilled to introduce The Red Penguin Collection – a program for new and emerging authors – along with established authors – to publish their work in short form. Each collection is an anthology that will focus on a different theme or genre, ranging from mystery and romance to coming of age and social changes. Interested authors will submit up to 5,000 words of short stories, essays or excerpts. If Red Penguin accepts the submission for the limited spots in each Collection, the submission will be published and promoted through Red Penguin Books.

There is no charge for submission, and if an author’s work is accepted for publication and the author wishes to participate in the program, the author will receive the following benefits above and beyond publication:

  • The author’s submission in the Collection will be published in both digital and print formats and distributed through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and will be made available for bookstores and libraries worldwide. 
  • In addition to the authors’ submission, each author’s bio, photo and social media or website link will be included in the book, hyperlinked in the digital version, as well as on our website. 
  • The book will be widely promoted on various web platforms, including social media sites, book promotion sites, news releases, web shows and podcasts, as well as our own email marketing to thousands. 
  • Additionally, online book promotions will be run to reach thousands of readers during specific, discounted book time periods.
  • Each submission will receive professional copyediting and comments from our editorial staff. 
  • Authors will receive one complimentary print copy of their book, along with the ability to order more copies at a discounted rate anytime in the future. Author copies can be sold or distributed by the author as they desire, and they may retain all profits from such sales. 
  • The author retains all copyrights rights to their submission. The author retains the right to republish their submission in another work as they so desire—our only request is that we are notified of such republications so that we may promote the author’s new venture as well, and that a notice of its original place in the Red Penguin Collection is noted.

We are looking forward to reading the submissions we receive. There are many Collection books planned, so if an author’s submission is not accepted at this time, we certainly hope that the author will continue on their writing journey and resubmit at a later time, perhaps even for a different genre or theme which may be a better fit for their writing.

Submissions can be made at

Submission Guidelines

As the number of submissions to our title under The Red Penguin Collection grows, in order to meet the demand, we ask that you assess your submission for the following prerequisites before sending it in:

  • The submission is in 12pt, Arial font.
  • The formatting of your submission is single-spaced, unless otherwise necessary.
  • Your submission is in Word Doc format.
  • There is only 1 space after a terminal punctuation mark (period, question mark, etc.)
  • The title of your submission and the name you wish to be published under are clearly stated at the top of the first page.

With these helpful proofs, the anthologies that we have been cranking out will be able to continue to grow in size and quality. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email JK Larkin, Editor and Literary Manager of The Red Penguin Collection, at