JK Larkin

JK Larkin is a Long Island based writer and recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. His body of work draws heavily upon themes of queerness, existentialism, morality, and the struggle to connect in a deeply divided world. This past year, JK published his first two collections, not kidding. and Side Street. Beyond this, he works as a coach for the Chaminade High School and TMLA Speech and Debate teams, editing excerpts from plays, short stories, poems, and longer works alike.

Kieran Larkin

Kieran Larkin holds a B.A. degree in Religious Studies from St Francis College In Brooklyn and a M.A. degree in Education from NYU. The author of two textbooks –  the award-winning “Messengers of God“ and the soon-to-be released “Women Prophets of the Old Testament” – Kieran began his editing career in 1974, where his word extended from newspaper editing to the editing of manuscripts for both fictional and non-fictional works.


Janet Larkin

Janet Larkin spent almost 40 years serving as an administrative assistant to several high-level executives. She graduated summa cum laude from Queens College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Janet’s ‘eagle-eye’ outranks even our national bird, as we have been known to hand her award-winning books to clock how many errors she can discover.


Nika Rose

Nika Rose is an NYC-based dramaturg and aspiring literary manager. During her time at Marymount Manhattan College, she held multiple literary positions, including her current role as Literary Assistant for Bret Adams Ltd, a boutique theatrical agency. In addition to her experience as a literary administrator, she is also a writer in her own right. Her short plays Dissociation Station and Sinking are explorations of the visceral, physical touch, and the deeply human need for connection in a self-isolated world.