What if everything you thought was true was just an illusion?

On the outside, Manhattan-dwelling Kayla Montero seems to have it all. Floating on Cloud 9 from her recent engagement, Kayla is blindsided when she finds out her fiancée has a pregnant wife in another country. 

Knocked down, but not defeated Kayla focuses her energy on her career as the General Manager of New York City’s premier nightclub, until the club’s owner retires unexpectedly, leaving a mystery replacement in his wake. Kayla is captivated by her charming new boss, and she ignores the red flag he waves and dismisses his controlling behavior for passion. It is not until he comes clean with a dreadful secret that Kayla truly begins to feel trapped. 

Is Kayla in way over her head?

Is it too late to untangle herself from this web of lies? 

And what is truly frightening is that she is not even sure if she wants to . . .