While most authors and prospective authors come to Red Penguin Books for our hybrid publishing services, we do have a select number of authors invited to our traditional publishing program.

While certainly the quality of writing as demonstrated in the applicant’s sample submission is a huge part of the decision whether to accept an applicant for our traditional publishing program, the following criteria in assessing the potential financial viability of a prospective title is an even larger factor.

The criteria includes:

  • For our fiction authors, a 3-book minimum series (this is a baseline expectation – as opposed to a reason to be accepted)
  • An extensive and unique reach (average at least 100,000 followers)
  • Access to unique distribution channels such as schools, libraries or companies
  • For our non-fiction authors, exceptional experience and notoriety in a field
  • Subject matter which is unique and delivered from a distinctive vantage point, such as when the author is newsworthy or notorious

Writers accepted for traditional publishing include award-winning novelists, celebrities, social media influencers, and those with unique perspectives and distribution channels. They include former cabinet members, music celebrities, mafia children, and others involved in famous legal cases and noteworthy news stories, as well as fiction writers with multiple awards for previous books as well as email lists and social media followings in the thousands.

Only about 10% of our authors are invited into our traditional publishing program. However, we treat ALL of our authors with the same care and personal attention, and don’t differentiate which are “traditionally published” in our dealings, as all of our accepted authors have applied for publication and are chosen individually. Authors come to us with different goals and at different stages of their writing journey, and we have programs to work with various missions in writing.