Tragedy to Triumph – The Story of Tom’s Heart provides an up close personal look at the journeys of two individuals facing death as they present their individual perspectives as the donor family and the recipient.

This story recounts the harrowing and heart-wrenching tragedy that struck Tom and his family.  At the worst moment any family should ever have to deal with, the parents said yes to organ, eye, and tissue donation so the lives of others could be saved and enhanced.  As Tom’s mom, it offered me hope in the midst of despair, a purpose in the midst of tragedy and light in the midst of the darkest night of my life.

By saying yes to donation, another mother and family did not have to wonder, wait or face the death of their son, brother or friend. Pete Radigan, who was in end stage heart failure at Columbia Hospital, unsure if he would live or die received Tom’s heart, the gift of life.

This is their story…