Travel Tales & Tips


Over the past year, The Red Penguin Collection has given voice to writers, poets, and playwrights around the world on themes and genres ranging from sci-fi to romance, the change of seasons to the end of times. We are looking forward to continuing the Collection with a host of new titles in the coming year, along with new writers joining our community.

Additionally, we will be adding a location-specific book series, our new Travel Tales & Tips. Both fiction and nonfiction works will be featured in volumes focusing on geographical setting rather than genre. This series will begin in Europe, and if you are a writer of short stories, poetry, non-fiction, or dramatic works of 5000 words or less, we are accepting submissions whose local settings include England, Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain. If you have works that take place in other locales in Europe, please let us know, as we are planning for future volumes. This location-specific series will introduce you and your work to a whole new type of reader, those who live in, love, or wish to visit particular locales. We are looking especially for works that mention landmarks and popular places for readers who will love to recognize these settings in the stories.

As avid travelers ourselves, we love to be immersed in stories and narratives based on places around the globe, and the new Red Penguin Travel Tales & Tips we will be a new type of travel book, one imparting the actual flavor and spirit of the people and places around the world rather than the usual facts, hours of operation and prices that most travel guides present, all of which can all be found easily on the Internet. Lovers of travel and faraway places will have the chance to be immersed in the sights, smells, and sounds of the lands whose flavor and character you unveil through your writings. We look forward to reading your submissions and visiting the world whose portrait you reveal through your words.

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