Are You Looking for a Horror-rrific Anthology That Will Leave you SCREAMING for more Halloween Surprises?

When the Halloween season approaches, and a spooky aura fills the air, you know it’s 

time to tell some scary stories! “Treat-or-Trick–Halloween Horror Stories” brings together twelve such tales of October 31sts gone wrong, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime; this is sure to be an anthology that will leave you on the edge of your candy bowl!

Featuring the work of the following writers:

  • Micah Castle
  • Kathy Chencharik
  • Dawn DeBraal
  • Debbie De Louise
  • Ken Goldman
  • Jan-Andrew Henderson
  • Diane Kane
  • David Lange
  • Phillip Lenski
  • Matt J. McGee
  • Cathy Warner

Let’s hear from some of our readers:

Another wonderful and absolutely horrifying title from The Red Penguin Collection–I certainly will be sharing these stories with my friends!”

  • Donna Goldstein

Chencharik’s “The Black Balloon” is an absolute standout, with such a brilliant and unique look at the spooky stories that could emerge in the least likely of environments.”

  • Alan Krogstat

“I absolutely LOVe how all of the stories are so linked in content and tone–while each author truly brings their own voice to the table, this title is unlike any other so far and I am so beyond impressed.”

  • Jeffery Malarkey

So, what are you waiting for? Click “buy-now’ and prepare yourself for the fright of your life!