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the flower shop on the corner – Nature Inspired Poetry – 2/28 deadline Click here with submissions – https://forms.gle/fBS9Tjvk4J83Ck7j6 In the second poetry book to be released by The Red Penguin Collection, we are looking for poems of all styles and lengths, centering around the theme of nature. Write about flowers, memories of walks in nature, the seasons changing–whatever makes you look forward to the Spring that, much like this anthology, is just around the corner!

An Empty Stage — A COLLECTION OF MONOLOGUES – Monologue Submissions – 3/15 deadline

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The Red Penguin Collection, after receiving and publishing the works of such amazing playwrights, is looking to expand the anthology series into the realm of dramatic literature. “An Empty Stage”, our first such edition, is looking to feature monologues, both freestanding and from plays, screenplays, and other greater bodies of work. As this particular style of writing may be unfamiliar to some of our writers, my email inbox is fully open to questions about this title, but I encourage all to put your best foot forward, to seek out some examples that excite you, and to face the empty stage and share your words.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – Mystery Submissions- 3/30 deadline

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“Behind Closed Doors”, a mystery title under The Red Penguin Collection, is looking for prose submissions between 1,500 and 5,000 words apiece. Whether Sherlock Holmes is your cup of tea, or perhaps Agatha Christie tickles your fancy just a bit more, I am more than prepared to place your work under an editorial magnifying glass. Let’s solve the mystery of what selections will end up in between the covers of this book!

Projects From Home—The Joys of Doing It Yourself – DIY Collection / Non-Fiction Stories – 4/15 deadline

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“Projects From Home – The Joys of Doing It Yourself” is a celebration of the creativity and hard work that allows for beauty to be made by each and every one of us. After spending such a substantial period of time at home, I can only imagine that many a project around the house has been completed; this anthology is the opportunity to share such successes! 

Submissions must include a photo of the finished project (a “before “ picture would also be amazing if you do happen to have one!), a description of the project, and either a story about the inspiration behind it or a story that relates to the piece in a meaningful way. I can’t wait to see the art that you all have created during this time!

Once upon a time…  Fantasy Submissions – 4/30 deadline


“Once Upon A Time…”, the first fantasy title in The Red Penguin Collection, is seeking submissions of up to 5,000-word pieces. For this anthology, I am particularly interested in pieces that are either reminiscent of the classic fairy-tales of old or that use familiar archetypes (royalty, dragons, fairies, elves, etc.) in the content of the work. Note: While pieces that are intended for younger audiences are more than welcome, this collection is not specifically to be crafted for such audiences, and so adult themes are absolutely welcome.

Am I Overthinking This? – A Self-Help Essay Collection
Submission Type: Non-fiction Self-Help Essay
Deadline: May 15th, 2021
The Red Penguin Collection is excited to open up submissions for “Am I Overthinking This? – A Self-Help Essay Collection”. We are looking for non-fiction essays that aim to provide readers with the self-help tools they need to overcome the everyday mental and emotional obstacles of life. In this oftentimes overstimulating and burdensome world, we could all use a helping hand to lead us in the right direction– I sure know that I do!
Historical Fiction Writing Contest!
Submission Type: Historical Short Fiction
Deadline: May 31st, 2021
The Red Penguin Collection is absolutely thrilled to announce its first-ever writing contest! As always, this collection will feature the best of the works that are submitted to this title. What makes this title different, however, is that the top piece will be awarded the naming of the book (i.e. if the top work is titled “The Reddest Penguin”, which it will not be, then the anthology will be titled “The Reddest Penguin, and other Historical Fiction Stories”, or something along those lines). The winner will also have the book cover designed around the content of their piece. Submissions are to be 1,500 to 3,000 words in length. We are looking for pieces of historical fiction that exist in a time period vastly different than the present.
A Collection of Children’s Stories

Submission Type: Children’s Lit.

Deadline: June 15th, 2021
The Red Penguin Collection is looking to expand its array of works into the world of Children’s Literature. In this upcoming title, we are seeking submissions (up to 5,000 words) that are intended to be read to and by children. Perhaps you have always pondered whether or not a lesson from your youth could make for a good story, or maybe you have kids of your own that you would like to write something for—now is your chance!
the ocean waves
Submission Type: Poetry
Themes: Water, summer, beaches, waves, peace
Deadline: June 30th, 2021
The third poetry title to be released by The Red Penguin Collection, the ocean waves, is now open for submissions. In this sister title to the flower shop on the corner, we are looking for pieces that reflect the beauty, stillness, and serenity of water. Poems of all lengths are accepted, although we request that each poem be submitted on its own. Thank you!
between the covers – An Adult Romance Anthology
Submission Type: Short Stories
Themes: Romance, sensuality
Deadline: July 15th, 2021
After the great success of our Valentine’s Day title A Heart Full of Love, we are pleased to announce that we are now opening submissions on a second romance anthology, between the covers. In submissions of 1,500 to 5,000 words, this title is seeking pieces of a more sensual/adult nature. However, the content of the works that can expect to be chosen will not be of an unnecessarily explicit nature. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email using the address at the bottom of the page.
Thirty Minutes to Curtain – A Collection of Bite-Sized Plays
Submission Type: Short Plays
Deadline: July 31st, 2021
Thirty Minutes to Curtain, the second dramatic literature title to be released through The Red Penguin Collection, is seeking play submissions for this very special collection, We are looking for scripted material that is twenty pages or less in length and plays at under thirty minutes. We can’t wait to read what you have in store for us!
Until Dawn
Submission Type: Supernatural Short Stories
Deadline: August 8th, 2021
Until Dawn, a paranormal title that will launch The Red Penguin Collection into the fall season is seeking submissions of 1,500 to 5,000 words. We are looking for a range of genres within this umbrella content, so please submit if you are found a new way to subvert the supernatural into something doubly as exciting. Perhaps a romance between a vampire, a werewolf, and an average high schooler? Wait, that’s Twilight… well, whatever you write, we are excited to read it!

If you have any questions/difficulty with submissions, please contact our submissions editor at TheRedPenguinCollection@gmail.com