What do you do when the Ruler of the Underworld comes to Earth and gives you a mission out of the norm? You either take it or wind up back in Hell torturing the damned for eternity.  Don’t get me wrong torturing is fun, but it gets old quick. I couldn’t last another century doing that job. Besides, I earned my passage to Earth by being the most cunning and loyal Demon in Hell. Alright, maybe being a traitor to Eden boosted my evil streak. A Demons gotta do, what a Demons gotta do!

On Earth, I’m one of New York City’s finest homicide detectives, classic! But in reality, I’m Master Lucifer’s eyes and ears on the ground. I get bored pretty quickly thou and occasionally, for the right price, I moonlight for the Vs. Earth is crawling with Vampires, Witches, and freaks all fighting for the same seat at the table, POWER.  I have to admit, the Vs are on the top of their game and everyone on Earth is severing them in one way or another, even the Humans. V Servi Dei, Servant of the V, is what they like to call us. Except, that isn’t me. I serve one Master, Lucifer.

So, when my Lord of Darkness gave me a mission that was out of the norm. I took the job to a whole other level. ~ Jack Quinn Reynolds.

V Servi Dei is the continuation of Angel: The Memories of Eden and Earth. It is the second novella in the Angel book series. The saga continues as Angel, who is suffering from memory loss, is maneuvering her way around Earth under the protection and guidance of Demon manipulator Jack Quinn Reynolds. Jack finds himself making hasty decisions to protect Angel, leaving the Vs to question his allegiance. Will Jack hold true to his word and protect his Master’s niece, or will he sell her out to the Vs in exchange for his own personal agenda? This book will take you on a chilling adventure through Hell and back as Jack is forced to choose between his loyalty and what he deems as important. If you love stories about Angels, Demons, and Vampires then you will enjoy the Angel series.



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