What are hybrid publishers? 

Hybrid publishers are just like traditional publishers, except that in hybrid publishing, the author will subsidize the cost of publishing. The publisher will manage the proofing, designing of your cover, the ISBN, printing costs, review copies and marketing. This marketing includes gathering contacts and contacting them on your behalf, setting up signings for you, looking into advertising, adding books to various databases (wholesalers, bookshops) creating banners, bookmarks, hosting giveaways, writing blog posts and various social media work for you. 

Hybrid publishers are not “vanity publishers” 

Many publishing houses that are referred to as “vanity publishers” simply are not vanity publishers at all. Occasionally someone asks if Red Penguin Books is a vanity publisher.

No, we are not a vanity press, we are a hybrid and traditional publishing press. Our team makes a very active effort to make sure we abide by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association’s criteria to hybrid publishing to ensure we live up the standard of being a reputable hybrid publisher. We also offer traditional publishing to a select number of authors whose platform, audience, experience, and quality of work lead us to place the publication risks and expenses solely on Red Penguin.