The people of Ukraine are undergoing sorrow, sadness, and heartache as their families, homes, and very lives are disrupted by the aggression shown their nation.  “Where Flowers Bloom: Poems and Essays of Strength, Hope, and Resilience” is our response against the evil in the world, combatting darkness with light in support of Ukrainians in need.

Our publishing company—Red Penguin Books—is fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive and talented family of writers from around the world, with several Ukrainian writers among our family. In support of our writers—and thus our extended family in need—we have launched this campaign for the production of this anthology of poems and essays of strength, hope, and resilience. Red Penguin Books will be donating the proceeds received from the sale of this book to the humanitarian crisis facing Ukraine and will match all book sale proceeds as well in support of this cause.

Thank you for your support!

Featuring the works of:
  • Angelo B. Ancheta
  • Lynne Bernfield
  • Vanessa Caraveo
  • Deborah Coy
  • Linda M. Crate
  • David Dephy
  • Steve deWolfe
  • Carol Edwards
  • Joseph A Farina
  • Clare Green
  • Alex Grehy
  • Maureen Hadzick
  • Sharon A. Harmon
  • Mark Andrew Heathcote
  • Kadambari Kaul
  • David Lange
  • Wayne Lee
  • Mary McKeel
  • Karen Melander-Magoon
  • J R Turek
  • Scott Wiggerman
  • Jill Ocone
  • Dorothy Oger
  • Mary C. M. Phillips
  • Sally Quon
  • Janet Ruth
  • Kathryn Sadakierski
  • Jasmine Tritten